Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Apparently I'm Racist Now

On a lesser blog, this would be a kiss-ass apology post where I apologize to those who didn't understand the message I was trying to get across yesterday. However, I have this thing about not apologizing for other people's stupidity. Hey, if you're too dumb to understand a basic message, that's your damn problem, not mine.

Here's the thing: The point of last night's post was that finding someone physically unattractive doesn't mean you hate them as a person. Of course, this means I'm racist. Oh, wait, no, I think the term was "racially insensitive White male". How delightfully PC. I'll post the comment in full, and then I'll go through it in and explain why you're wrong.

Spoken like a typical racially insensitive White male. No wonder "The Sword" posted a link to your blindness.

You're right Cybersocket isn't forcing you to abide by their list, BUT PAY ATTENTION!!!!

If you are going to promote yourself as "The leader in Gay & Lesbian online information!", like Cybersocket does, then IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE ALL INCLUSIVE. Or else every media outlet that isn't makes the Rainbow of the gay flag a FRAUD.

This is NOT just about this list, this is about Cybersocket's and OTHER GAY AMERICAN MEDIA OUTLETS' overall behavior of shunning men of color, Black men especially. As I have said on other sites, the only reason Diesel Washington and Eddie Diaz got any recognition was because those were names that they knew their racist cohorts would know.

And don't give me the "preference" vs "racism" speech. I already wrote a post proving how that is a bunch of bullshit.

Let's review.

First off, let's see if we can't figure out you're definition of racism here. From what I can tell, if you don't find black men hot, you are racist. Now, let's try and plot this out in a graph to better understand this, shall we?
Ummmm ... Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out how that line of thinking works. Just to nail my point across, let's try this but switch it out for ... I don't know, anyone.

Here's where things start to get tricky: differentiating skin colour as a basis for a person's self versus skin colour as a purely cosmetic feature. I'm of Irish descent, and I'm proud of being of being of that. However, I do wish my skin was a tad darker, and that I could sit out in the sun for more than ten minutes without bursting into flame. Which is to say: I'm not too hot on how pale I am. Racist? No. It's just a matter of personal tastes.

Furthermore, if we're judging based on your line of thinking, if you don't want to have sex with a 60-year-old man, are you ageist? If you're not into twinks, then obviously you hate skinny people. Once again, you have to be able to differentiate heritage from looks.

Now, back to the list; Cybersocket shit the bed. I think we can all agree on that one at this point. The list is, sadly, a pretty colossal fuck-up. But saying it's racist then calling it a day is counter-productive. Yes, there is a lack of mainstream performers of colour. I'm not about to pretend I know why this is, but I'm also not about to simply chalk it up to racism. This is a complex problem, and trying to impose a simple solution onto it isn't helping.

And finally: "typical racially insensitive White male"? Really? Oh jump up your own ass. Once again, it's not my fault if you were so attached to your own opinions that you can't be bothered to consider someone else's. Hell, according to your definition of racism, I'm not racist because I like black guys. Hell, half of my boyfriends were black. Although technically, one of them was never official (in the sense it was stated specifically), so if we rule that one out, that would mean I've only ever dated black men. 100%. But then again, I don't believe that other people believing differently makes them racist, soooooo... Oh goddammit, I'm confused. Would someone please decide for me whether or not I hate other people?


J.D. said...

Well, you hate morons, clearly.

DeWayneinSD said...

My racially insensative eyes glazed over half way down. And for the record I have dated and was in a relationship with a Black man. And one Elmysterio I consider one of my best online friends( if I lived in his city we would probably be roommates!

Having said all that I won't waste a second defending Cybersocket #beyondlame

Raspberry said...

si agree that the whole think is probably more complex than race. i cant stand race being to blame for why or why not someone is or isent admitted into something. as a black person, i get sick of this type of shit. i know that race is an issues, i also know that if you want to, you will find racists in everything if you look for it. my first thought to this was maybe the black performers werent in enough movies to make the list so far or maybe were not that great.
and i dont think you're racist.

Carlisleboy said...

Seriously, have you gone to this idiots website? I have never seen such a pathetic, narcassitic, cry for help.
Really, he is just a whiny Bi, you are wasting too much energy on this.
As others have said idiots like him are one trick wonders who's only recourse is to cry Racism when they can not win an argument with the facts.
And Now, before that idiot can call me a racist,I must sign off. The Coast Guard is in town and I have to go be the filling in an "Oreo Cookie'......

Diesel Washington said...

Jeremy is in no way a Racist!!

He's a douche, Asshole,...Hes My Ex so I can say that!!LOL

Calling him a Racist is insulting not only to him but also myself.

Bunch of Ignorant, bitter queens picking on the "Wrong" white boy! Jeremy was speaking from Logic, and all you bitter queens just trying to pick on him cause he's White!

That is Weak...

I can say from the bottom of my heart...


Hes just a smarty pants know it all. LOL

Rusty said...

Well, I'm not attracted to women so obviously I'm a big fat misogynistic who thinks women are lesser people. It's logic!


People who are capable of higher brain functioning understand that superficial sexual preferences are not the same as deep seated hatred. It's a sexual preference. There's plenty of people I like just fine who I'm not going to have sex with, it doesn't mean I respect them any less, it just means I don't want to have sex with them. That's all. Good luck with your new site.

drew said...

I think we are finding the same situation with President Obama. If you criticize his policies then many imply that you are racist. I voted for him but I do have issues with some of his policies. President Bush got bashed day in and day out but I am sure he just took it at what is was, criticism. I just don't think it is good for our country to be this divided. It won't help either race.