Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh My God, I Have A Follower. Kickass!

It's currently quarter to 11, I've had my morning breakfast of nasty fucking choco protein shake that tastes like someone downed an enitre can of ovaltine mix and then ouked it back up, and I'm watching the first season of Arrested Development, which I've FINALLY picked up (next up, Donnie Darko. I got me some catching up to do). Anyways, decided to do a quick blog post when holy-banana-shit-fucking-jeebus-on-a-cracker, I see that I have a follower. And it's Rusty! Oh what a nice morning this has been, aside from the fact that I drank a "2 Girls, 1 Cup" tasting protein abortion.

Anyways, you can find a link to Rusty's Ventures in the blog roll to the side (She's in between Pierre Fitch and James, which is pretty much every gay man's dream). Also, Meaux is blogging now too! Yay! Once again, you can find her there too at Meaux's Happy Apathy. And also, jm has her own blog too! It's called Windows Up, Volume Down, and if you don't read it I'll chew off your ankles. Everyone's blogging now, how cool is this?


meaux said...

Aww, thanks, dude--what can I say, you're a trendsetter! Allow me to second that jM and Rusty do indeed have a couple of awesome blogs. Y'all are totally link-worthy!

jM said...

This blogging thing is contagious. But I figure TK and his ten million blogs need a run for their money.