Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One (Afternoon and About Half a) Night with Pierre Fitch

On Sunday, the cutest and most annoyingly perfect gay couple ever, RobandMatt, came down for the weekend and got to stay the weekend with Pierre. Anyways, I told them I'd meet with them on Sunday, and then found out they were bringing Pierre along. So anyways, first we met for some brunch, which looked Delicious. I say "looked" because I really only had a cup of coffee. And before you ask, no, I am not back on the Rexy Train, I just ate before I met them. And I really did want that cup of coffee. Thanks to school, I need about three just to get me through the day.

After that, we went down to Old Montreal for a horse carriage ride. This sounds innocent enough, but unfortunately, Pierre's heading down to Folsom on Friday, so he decided it would be fun to scar me for life by showing me THIS.

(Warning: There are some things you just can't unsee. This is one of them)

Pierre is one of the nicest people I've ever met, but seriously? Why? WHY?!?!

So imagine going around in a horse carriage ride with THAT looming over your head.

And yes, that carriage is pink. You gonna start something? And I just realised this, but there's some ass-hat in the background hording in on our pic. Douchewaffle.

Afterwards, we went over to Pierre's house to watch some crappy Canadian TV and some more psychological scarring (Seriously, thanks a whole freaking bunch Pierre, ya big sexy jerkface). I also got to meet his dogs, Candy and Daphnee who are THE CUTEST THINGS EVER! Oh my God, I loved them. And his cat too. I'm usually not a cat person, but this one was just absolutely adorable.

We checked out some more youtube vids of people with weird tattoos and piercings, with Matt, Rob and Pierre switching between hysterical bouts of laughter to almost blowing chunks, while I watched between my fingers. We went out to eat again, took a couple pics for M&R's facebook, and then did a lil dry humping.

This is easily the greatest moment of my life right here. (and in case you're wondering, Pierre's on top, Rob's in the middle, and that's me on the bottom. I fucking LOVE my life right now.)

So yeah, that was how Sunday went. It was pretty cool, because Pierre is so nice, that after a while, I almost forgot that (A) he was a porn star, and (B) I was a mere pedestrian. Although there were the occasional reminders (Cindy, P's cat, seems to enjoy napping on copies of his DVD, One Night With Pierre Fitch).

Anyways, Happy Fifth Anniversary to MattandRob. You two are so cute together, you make me hate the world a little less. And Pierre, thank you for one of the best Sundays I've had in a while (Read: since classes started). And also, thank you for not suing for blatantly stealing pictures from your blog. Consider it retribution for the psychological damage you caused by showing me leather ponies.


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Robert said...

What a cool weekend man and with one of my heroes! - Jeremy! haha
Well Pierre is a hero as well - seems all you Canadians are cool!
The carriage ride looks a bit gay! lol! Only kidding - it's just that it is pink - so clichéd, haha
PS Were they pumping out Celine Dion in the carriage or was it Barbra Streisand or maybe KD lang? Lol!