Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fool Me Twice

I recently decided to trust someone again I shouldn't have trusted. Guess how well that went?

I won't name names, mostly because I'm pretty sure that's exactly the sort of thing he wants. But here's what happened: He lied to me, and I (under the assumption he actually cared about me) believed him. Fast forward two days: My best friend will barely talk to me and I'm getting insulting emails. Why? Because I believed you.

So yeah, this? Right here? Consider this the last time I let you fuck up my life. You want to run around harping on everyone else because you think the world owes you something? Fine. You want to bitch me out everytime you feel jealous that I'm getting attention from other guys? Fine. You want me to feel bad about myself because I have my own ideas and thoughts? Also fine. But you and me? Through. Done. Not happening ever again. You've hurt a lot of people and I'm the one stuck with the blame here.

Right now, I feel stupid for trusting you, I'm getting shit from anyone over it, and where are you in all of this? Whatever dude. I'm just sick of you attacking everyone. I can't believe I let your negativity into my life and now I'm stuck apologizing for you.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: bye.


Anonymous said...

If you mean who I think you mean, bipolar was clearly a misdiagnosis and it's pretty obvious to me that he has borderline personality disorder.

You can read up on BPD at http://borderlinepersonality.ca/ and in excellent self help books such as "Stop Walkin On Eggshells" but be careful those resources don't evoke too much empathy for your BPD-ex when all you really need to know is... RUN! Believe me I know. I have a borderline ex and I had to move house without telling him to get rid of him. If you've really severed ties with [not naming names] now you're lucky to be rid of him that easily.

Anonymous said...

Soo.... The ole' D'Wash reconcile didnt go as planned huh? SHOCKER!

Really dude you are SO much better than letting that whole mess in your life (and I say that as someone that reads his blog and kinda likes him overall). You need to surround yourself with STABILITY/order and not get taken down by all that..... chaos that his type brings

Keep your head up!
You'll pull through.

DeWayne In San Diego said...

Block em,spam em move on, that is what you learn to do with drama both online and real life. You must be proactive BTW slam back when you are bothered.

An example I had a bonafide stalker once, followed me, was in a movie theater with a date 5 rows behind the works.

How did I stop it?

I took time off from work and Stalked back

I found out I make a good one if motivated.

Bullies and Stalkers have a lot in common and they respond the same way.

You dont put up with their shit for one moment!

Drake said...

Way to set some boundaries, Jeremy. Good on you!

Dana said...

i'm sorry to hear about that.i hope your ok.

Robert said...

Wow Jeremy - what a fucker!
Keep up the good fight buddy. As I see it - you're a winner even if my view is clouded by geography, thousands of kilometres across the Pacific here in Oz. Distance doesn't stop Jeremy rocking!
x Robert

Mareczku said...

Hope that things are going better now Jeremy. Sending a big hug your way. And since I am under you my dearest Robert, have a hug from me too. :)

Warmly - Mark