Thursday, June 3, 2010

I May Have Killed Rue McClanahan

This was a conversation Matt and I that happened the day Dennis Hopper died:

Me: Did you hear? Dennis Hopper died today.

Matt: No way, really?

Me: Yeah, totally. First Gary Coleman, now Dennis Hopper...This is a bad weekend to be famous.

Matt: Wonder who's gonna be the third one to die?

Me: What the hell are you talking about?

Matt: Well, celebrity deaths always happen in threes, so one more is going to die.

Me: Does Simon Monjack count?

Matt: Who's he?

Me: He was the creepy fat guy that was married to Brittany Murphy.

Matt: No.

Me: Fuck, then it's gonna be someone we actually care about.

Matt: Yeah, but who?

Me: I wanna say Lindsay Lohan, but I feel like she has a couple more months in her. Probably one of The Golden Girls. I'm guessing Rue McClanahan, because Betty White is badass.

Matt: God, I hope not.

Me: Yeah, me too.

Me: ...FUCK.


Robert said...

Fuck jeremy - you killed her and her character was such a funny slut haha!
x Robert

Drew said...

Rip rue. She rocked :)

meaux said...

*gasp* Jeremy! For shame!

Seriously, though...poor ol' Rue. But yeah, I'm not surprised Betty Badass White remains the last girl standing.

Mareczku said...

Yes, RIP Rue McClanahan. She was sure funny. I watched many Golden Girls episodes in my younger year. Thank God Betty White is still with us. She is cool.

DeWayne In San Diego said...

I KNOW its just a myth this three die business but mom has sworn by it for years. She always said there was usually a shock death in the trio one unexpected. I am guessing that would be Gary Coleman, no way would you expect him to go at 42.

Yet head injury's look how many celebs have died this way. Natasha Richardson,Sonny Bono,William Holden.

Dennis Hopper we knew was going to go the Tabloids have been holding a "dead pool"

Rue you might have been surprised to learn, although the youngest Golden Girl, she has been in declining health.

so You get a pass this time,

R.I.P Rue