Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pillsbury Sugar Cookies Will Be My Downfall

Blah. Blah I say. I was doing so well with the whole "Post something every day" thing too. Ah well, fuck it. Sacrifices must be made for The Cannonball Run. Right now I'm chugging along on Shootin' The Sh*t With Kevin Smith. Maybe I haven't gotten far enough into the book yet or something but so far? Ehhhhh. It's missing something. That might just be my first impression thus far, but in all fairness, I think something gets lost in translation from a podcast to a book. Of course I'll finish it because Kevin Smith is hysterical, but it's missing something...

In other news, one of the CVs I handed in at the beginning of the month has gotten a go: I just went in for an interview at a HUGE music store here in Montreal. It was one of those group interview things, and I think that overall I did a pretty kickass job, although you may want to knock on wood about that one. I was the only person there that actually got the interviewees to laugh, and I was one of the more bilingual of those there, but still, that may just be wishful thinking here.

Oh, and finally, I'm stuck in a love-hate relationship with Pillsbury sugar cookies.
I had a moment of weakness today and ended up running out and buying a couple boxes of these sickeningly sweet little cuntnuggets. Oh sure, they look all cute and harmless, but stick a batch of these in the oven and it's over. That tubby little fuck up there with the shit-eating grin has officially made you his bitch. You will goddamn inhale these things, and I mean that literally; Whole cookies will enter your lungs. The eyes on those adorable little snowmen will fill with judgment and disgust as you knock out a dozen of them in one sitting. Fuck you Pillsbury, you will be the goddamn death of me.

Ah well, that's it for tonight. It seems that fucking cat that's been wandering around this floor has returned and now my sinuses are pretty much hermetically sealed. Fuck me sideways.

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