Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Penis Mightier

So guess who just finished writing his first book ever?

Yeah. So after months of writing and blocks and random discombobulation and such, I finally finished writing it. As in holy shit, I just wrote a fucking book. Suck on THAT, everyone who said I would never amount to anything! Especially YOU, Mr. Donovan. You're a dick.

Okay, so technically, "Finished" might be jumping the gun a little bit. I still have to actually edit the damn thing (which I am really not looking forward too because UGH, more work) and then I have to send it to agents and get it published and blah and blah and blah...So, ummmm, I guess it's really only partially finished then, huh? Well whatever, I wrote a rough draft of a freaking book. That calls for some celebratory drinking, right? Well whatever, I'm gonna drink anyway.

Anyway, gonna go ahead and jump right over the gun here. I decided to dedicate the book to the following people:

#1: To Mama and Papa Feist. Not their actual names. For just loving me no matter what, and because if I don't they will hunt me down and beat me with sticks. Seriously, they said so.

#2: To Clyde. I loved you more than you could ever know. And you returned the favour. For this, I'm forever grateful to you.

#3: To the good folk over at Pajiba. There's a good chance you people are completely insane, but that's what I like about you. Thanks for being awesome.

#4: To all the single ladies. Now put your hands up.

Okay that last one might just be a joke. But still, I wrote a goddamn book. Sweet.


Omi said...


Patrick Holt said...

Congrats. Believe me when I say, though, that writing it is the easy part. :P Editing is the real work. Still, drink some champagne, it's more than most people will ever write.

Drake said...

Congrats! Looking forward to reading it.

James said...

I'm sort of upset I'm not listed. Not right. :-)

Congrats. Best of luck with it.