Friday, March 19, 2010

A Very Gary Busey Day

Today was actually kinda fucking weird.

First thing in the morning, I got a really nasty comment on Litely Salted (since been deleted. Thanks Stace!) that pretty much went above and beyond the usual nastiness we get on there to the point of it being a personal attack. To be honest, it was kinda obvious from the writing style (not to mention the IP Address) who wrote it, but whatever, I'm not about to be bullied into a fight over something like that.

Anyway, next came the shocker that I won Eloquent Eloquence over on Pajiba, which came with the addendum that I had to take a picture of myself humping a screen that prominently featured Gary Busey's face.

Even in context, this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
But I did it anyway. The results earned some pretty rave reviews I must say, which is kinda weird because A) it wasn't really the best picture of me, and B) it featured Gary Busey. Actually, Gary Busey seemed pretty gung ho about it. He was giving the camera a big Chiclet smile and a thumbs up and everything.

And then everyone got all pissy over the definition of "Skank" when Stacey called the chick that Sandra Bullock's husband is banging a skank. The only problem: She was a porn star. To be honest, I know Stacey by now; she's totally down with the porn stars. Hell, she hired me, didn't she? Anyway, I agree with her that the girl and Jesse James are both skanks, not because she does porn or anything, but because they had a fucking affair. Affair = skank. It's like science and shit.

Anyway, whatevs. Weird day I guess. I'm going to be. Cheers.


James said...

Yeah, sort of random, but something about your booty makes it a keeper. Have a good week.

Mareczku said...

Hi Jeremey: Yes, that picture was kind of nice. Odd, but nice. Hope that you are OK. Just wanted to stop by and say hi.

Hugs - Mark from PA