Wednesday, April 21, 2010

(500) Posts of Jeremy

Yeah, soooooo...holy shit. Somehow I wrote 500 posts on here. Craziness, I know. Which kinda brings up the question: How the hell do you celebrate something like this? I feel like this should be some huge fucking deal, but...I got nothing.

Oh, wait, actually I got out of my lease and come July 31st or whatever it looks like I'll finally, blissfully be moving out of the province. There are parts of Montreal I'll miss, but then there are the parts that I won't miss so much.

I've got a big project in the works right now, and by the looks of it, you can expect to see it soon. Well, soon-ish. Emphasis on the suffix "-ish". Hey, it's totally coming, I'm just not sure, you know, when exactly. But I swear, it's gonna be pretty cool.

Also somewhat newsworthy but probably not really: I've been working my ass off for the past little while to raise some cold hard cash, and by the looks of it, I am currently fucking banking right now. Anyway, by the looks of it, thanks to my careful saving and massive amounts of hours at work, not only do I have a pretty sizable wad of cash, but I'm thinking it's about time I get some more ink. So if you or someone you know has a sweet tattoo design you wouldn't mind sharing with the class, I'm right here.

And finally...As it turns out, immigration is fucking difficult. Who knew? So by the looks of it, I'll be moving to Toronto for a little while, until I can figure out how exactly the hell moves from Canada to the U.S. without breaking any laws. Granted, I'm sure there are plenty of ways to immigrate illegally, but it would be super great if I didn't get arrested or deported. Who the hell knew it would be so goddamn hard to move from one side of the border to another? Fuck man. Anyway, if anyone out there knows anything about immigration law, feel free to contact me.

Sooooooooo yeah. I think that's about it. For now anyway.


Alec Sarkas said...

Too bad there isn't a switcharoo law between The States and Canada. You know, people in the U.S. who want to live in Canada and vice versa can trade places. If there isn't, there should be and you could move here a lot quicker. :)

Figgylicious said...

Brr, don't envy you on the immigration font. That shit can be such a nightmare. But maybe it'll be easier for Canadiastanis?

Also, you celebrate this by being naked. Dur.

Randall said...

Toronto is a smart move and excellent practice for living in the USA. Toronto is New York washed in very hot water.

Carlisleboy said...

New Follower on your blogs and loving it so far. Pretty great to be getting here at the same time you are making a major life move.
Did it myself 1 1/2 years ago (From Florida to Alaska) and I just love it. Don't look back, embrace and enjoy, and live each day like it is your last.
Not a porn star by any means but I do have fun! You can always check out my blog to see.
Keep it Up!

Carlisleboy said...

Oh, And Congratulations on 500 Posts!

Drake said...

Congrats on your milestone! And on your saving and making your plans move forward. Good luck with immigration, those are some heartless and mindless SOBs.

pg said... - get your ink from Rashelle Marco in Toronto - She's taking consults now that she's not in a cast anymore and is a fucking magician.