Thursday, April 1, 2010


So today i totally went to the gym and had a protein shake lol :) that shit is so nasty lol :) then when i got back i watched twilight and cried for like 2 hours because omg I LOVE EDWARD HE SETS MY VERY SOUL ON FIRE I WANT HIS SPARKLY VAMPIRE COCK INSIDE ME FOREVER AND EVER LOLZ!1!! :P

Then i went to work...lmao! Actual work is for peasants! :D I actually watched new moon and i was like wtf?! what the hell jacob? taylor lautner is so hot in real life, even when he was seventeen and that would have been creepy and illegal lol :)! but omg bella needs to be with edward because edward is so dark and mysterious lol :D

and then after i listened to house and electronica all night and did a whole bunch of coke LOLOLOLOLOLOL :D! wait, isn't house and eletronica just the same type of shitty music only with different names so that submental fratboys will buy it? probably not lol :D anyway super totally awesome day lol! goodnight!


Yeah, for those of you who complain that my blog isn't happy enough or that I don't "Smile" enough, believe me when I say, it could be SO much worse. Yipes. If that was hard to read, imagine typing it. I think all that talk of Twilight gave me a brain hemorrhage alone.

Now let's never speak of this again.

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Anonymous said...

If you ever post drivel like that again i will seduce you and as i'm about to put your cock in my mouth i will walk away and only return to you after an apology.