Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I've decided that right now, with midterms in full-swing, a cold in it's final hurrah and various other varieties of shit on my poo-poo platter*, I've decided to vent some steam the only way I know how: By throwing out a bunch of vague statements about how certain people annoy me fuckless. Any and all names will be kept (so if you think one's about you, well, that just says more about you than it does me, doesn't it?), and to soften the blow (and for comedic effect), they will all be written on images of adorable animals. So there.

*See what I did there? Sadly, this is one of the better written gay porn star blogs if you can believe it.


Kendra said...

Whats wrong with you dude?

guiltypartner said...

i know the little gray total fucking idiot bunny is about me!

how could you?

meaux said...

That's some positively adorable venting, dude. Nicely done! (And what do you mean, you were faking it? I thought we had something special! *sniff*)

The Management said...

I would like thank you for having just given me a viable defence strategy for when I'm brought to trial for the murder of some fucking moron.

"Well yes Your Honour, I did it. But look at the cute bunny!"

Also, I was faking it too.

Matt the Great! said...

Yes I do have high expectations of you. I see something in you that you obviously don't see yourself. One day you will see them and realize how great you really are and how much you can achieve.

Mareczku said...

Hi Jeremy. I got a kick out of some of them. How many classes are you taking this semester? You mentioned an English class a while back. I think that you have a talent for writing so am glad to hear that. I wonder how you would have liked me if you had know me when I was your age. (Do you like chaste male virgins? :) LOL :) Sadly, that was way before you were even born. Hugs to you, my friend - Mark