Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Quick Thought On Talent Versus Decency

I know, I know, the Roman Polanski thing is pretty old fucking news right now, but I have to do some research on Lee Miller for an English essay tomorrow, so consider this a quickie post.

It alarms me that Hollywood is actually backing Polanski on his recent arrest, to the point where they're literally trying to have him set free. Gotta love how willing they are to back La Cause Du Jour. Yesterday, it was save the planet. Today, it's exonerate the man who drugged and raped a 13-year old girl.

I'm not going to deny that Roman Polanski is a superb artist because, let's face it, he is. He knows his way around a movie. But saying that he should be allowed his freedom because of his art is basically saying that it's perfectly okay to sexually assault a child, just as long as you can make a good movie.

To be honest with you, the message is easily the most shameless and vile thing to come out of Hollywood in a long while. It's saying that someone can abuse and permanently damage a child simply by the principal of who they are. And for those who say he "served" his time by going into "exile"? Ummmm...yeah. He CHOSE to flee the country. In fact, he CHOSE to flee the country after he managed to whittle his sentence down to a plea bargain. That's not "exile", that's just being repugnant.

I would be more pissed about this if it weren't for the fact that this shit happens everyday. In a perfect world, only the good would thrive. But this is the sucky real world, and here, assholes have power. Assholes have influence. Assholes can pretty much do whatever the fuck they want and people just sort of take it with a big smile on their face. It's like this in every industry. Hell, I've seen people in my own industry act like self-entitled, egotistical snobs. Say anything bad about these people, and guess what? You're out of a job. It sort of sucks, especially when you consider that these people totally have it coming to them.

But if Roman Polanski taught us anything, it's that assholes, unlike true love, diamonds or The Lord of the Rings, does not last forever. Assholes eventually fall once people realize they're full of shit, and rightly so. Are they talented? Of course. But what a person is capable of doing never excuses them from what they have done.


DeWayne In San Diego said...

Never underestimate the abitly of Hollywood and Celbrity Culture to "get it wrong"

I sometimes think the reason animals (Peta,Seals & Whales) are causes célèbres among the "famous and talented" is because most of them are downright VILE when it comes to actual human empathy and interaction!

Save a Panda and rape a child to many in Hollywood there is no problem with both views!

BTW I have a LONG memory there was a very concerted effort to give Polanksi a Sweethart deal in 1978 (42 days time served for the Anal Rape and drugging of a 13 yo girl!)

They FEARED a full blown scandal including info on just who was in Jack Nicholsons house that night besides Polanski.

Polanski freaked when the word reached him the Judge thought the plea deal STANK and was going to vacate!

It did Stink only a Celeb Obsessed LA DA would have approved such a travesty of justice!

Rae at 24:01 A.M. said...

Hmmm...very interesting. And I really hope you're right about the "assholes" thing. That when people finally realize it's not okay to be one that they become ostracized or rejected. But until then I have to imagine that in my own mind.

The Management said...

Very well said, Jeremy.

Bigg said...

Have you given any thought to the notion that power and influence turn good, creative people INTO assholes? Just curious.

Foster said...

Bravo! Jeremy

Jeremy Feist said...

DeWayne: I don't know why, but I read "Rape a Panda" there and immediately thought of jM :P

Rae: Personally, I like to imagine their heads exploding Scanners style.

admin: Thanks, and Happy Birthday!

Bigg: It would make sense, although evil is never created, just unleashed. Such is free will.

Foster: Thanks!