Monday, August 11, 2008

We'll Have Drinks And Talk About Things, Any Excuse To Stay Awake With You

Hey bitches! I wish I could say I'm feeling better, but to be completely honest with you, I'm not sure what I'm feeling. It's weird. I feel sad, but I mean, at the same time, I feel... I won't say happy, because I'm not really happy, but content. Content would be a nice way to put it. And confused. Sad and happy and confused. I'm not sure if they've come up with a term for that yet, but sometimes, being able to feel anything is as good as feeling happy.

One thing I found out about sadness is that everyone has that one special little drink they fall back on for support. And before you ask, no I'm not a drunk. Sure, I named my dog after alcohol, and I showed up to my prom smashed, and my room is covered in shot glasses, and I have my own flask... Okay that's not helping at all, is it?

Point is, I'm not drunk, I just have Irish genes. So don't worry David, I don't need Rehab yet. And first person to leave a comment with an Amy Winehouse reference gets a kick in the junk. Second gets an uncomfortable groping in the junk. You have been warned.

However, I DO want you guys to leave a comment. Since so many of you have offered various alternatives to my vodka, I want to know, what's your heartbreak drink? In case you haven't noticed, I went with the increibly unoriginal vodka. What can I say? It's bitter, It gets you drunk fast, and best of all, it was perfected in Russia. And let's face it: The russians know their sadness.

So what's your heartbreak drink? Leave yours in the comments. Later guys!


MO(meaux) said...

Well, for quick acting pain relief, you seriously can't beat our dear Boozehound's French .75; as I recently discovered, that stuff will put you out of your misery faster than Kevorkian (only, you know, as in "drunk"...not "dead". It's...not a perfect metaphor).

I think it has to do with the bubbles in the champagne--takes the happy gin molecules straight to the brain.

So, for those who missed that Boozehound Cinephile, the recipe: 1 part gin, 3 parts champagne (er, sparkling wine--I use Yellow Tail Bubbles), a hint of simple syrup, and a splash of lemon juice.

PS: Bender's Game does look interesting, though I fear my absolute lack of D&D knowledge might be a hinderance.

PPS: Sarina, I'll have to try the gin and Fresca thing now. A little disturbing, yet...intriguing!

David said...

Honestly? Nyquil.

Nothing heals a broken heart better than a good night's sleep.

Also, being hungover is not my thing.

Rusty said...

A bottle of wine, Rose or a nice big red wine. The whole thing, preferably while eating shit junk food that does NOT go with said wine and watching violent movies that allow me to vicariously live out my homicidal anger.

The wine helps reassure me that I AM gorgeous, smart, and witty and anyone who doesn't realize that is clearly an idiot even as I'm wearing Dr.Seuss themed pajama pants and an XL blood drive tee shirt that fits like a tent.