Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can I Ask You Guys For A Couple Tiiiiiiiny Little Favours? Pleeeeeeease?

Yay! Thank you! Alright, so the first one is that I decided to do a Cancer Fundraiser Walks here in Montreal. It's for the Segal Cancer Centre, and it's to help fight cancers around the pelvic region. Oh, and one more thing? I have to do it in my underwear. Yup. Anyways, you know what this means: Donations!

Oh come on, I'm not asking you to fork over your life savings, but honestly anything you guys could send would be great. My goal so far is $300, because I'm not sure how good I am at begging for money, but if I see I'm doing well, I'll scootch it up a tad. Anyways, you can send donations Right Here. Thanks a lot!

Alright, number two is only for the gay/bi guys in the house, so all you others don't have to worry about. Anyways, bloggie friend and all around super nice guy Pierre Fitch just started his own social networking site, and I told him and Matt The Great! that I'd help spread the word. Anyways, the site is called http://www.meetpierrefitch.com/, and you can register for free. You don't have to do anything, but if we could up the numbers, I'm sure Pierre would appreciate it. Here's a little promo flyer they sent. I'm putting one up here, but I'm gonna print some others out and hand them out in the Village. Anyways, thanks guys!


Drake said...

So, Jeremy, if I donate, do I get pictures? Please!

MO(meaux) said...

Dude, there are 2 Jeremys...er, Jeremies...registered for the run. Are you the Jeremy on Team KaJe, or are you the other Jeremy?

Good luck with the MurderTank undies--I would kill to see you in a pair of those! (Whoa, that came out far more cougar-ish than intended)