Friday, August 22, 2008

I Met A Celebrity!

Guess who saw his first celebrity yesterday? I did! Weee!

Anyways, Blog Fav/Porn Star/Incredibly Nice Guy Pierre Fitch wrote a lil note saying that he needed to get rid of a couple extra DVDs lying around. I decided to help him out because A) I am SUCH a good person, and B) I am completely powerless against a sale. So we arranged to meet in the Village.

So I went down, met him at the cafe, and of course, he's being really sweet, and of course, I begin stuttering like a complete tool. Fuck me. Something about hot guys that immediately turns me into a huge klutz. Anyways, here's a brief sampling of our conversation...

Pierre: Hey, how are you?

Me: (Incoherent babbling)

Pierre: It's great to finally meet you!

Me: (More incoherent babbling)

Pierre: So, you want me to sign it for you?

Me: (Yup. Still an idiot)

Pierre: ...I'm sorry, are you feeling okay?

Me: (Collapse)

Well, mind you, it didn't go THAT badly, I'm just embellishing for the sake of a good story. But still, I felt like a pretty huge idiot afterwards. Thankfully, he didn't even mention it, so THANK YOU for that one, Pierre.

And just to show you how nice he is... Look, he signed it! Yay!

Therefore, all readers are noe required to love Pierre Fitch. I SAID LOVE THE FITCH!

Also, nicest guy ever Matt The Great! has his own blog, which you can (and will) check out Here!

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DeWayne In San Diego said...

good story reminds me of the first time I met a celebrity ;)

Hmm so did he make you an offer ;)
to do a video?