Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Taste of his Cherry Chapstick...

Well, what a weekend it's been. To the canadians who read this, hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! And to the americans, Happy (*snort*) Columbus Day (*snicker*). Anyways, let's go through my weekend, shall we?

Well first off was Pierre's release party for "One Night With Pierre Fitch" at the Skye Restobar. Mind you, I just finished my midterms, so I hadn't had a drink in damn near FOREVER. So to make up for lost time, I decided to get drunk off my ass in the first, oh, say, twenty minutes. One cosmo, two Coke and Rums, Three Jack and Cokes, and one mysterious shot Pierre gave me. I'm stil not sure what was in it, but really, who cares? Anyways, Jeremy Hall showed up, and after getting off the guys from mancandy.com, I stumbled over to introduce myself. All I can say is, THANK GOD for Jeremy Hall, who kept me from falling face first on the floor and who bought me a red bull.

And we kinda made out.


I wasn't going to tell you guys, mostly because I try not kiss and tell, but Pierre kinda let it slip already. Not that I mind, of course. What can I say? I went downstairs to the bathroom, and he was upstairs making sure I was alright and I didn't pass out in the bathroom. Then he pulled me over behind the curtains, and well...

That's all you fuckers are getting. Sorry, but I'm not going into detail. All I can say is, Jeremy was a complete gentleman, and he was incredibly sweet to me.

The day after that was Mom's Thanksgiving, which I had to weather with a pounding headache, and the day after that was Dad's birthday/Thanksgiving. Of course, once again, I was the only one who bothered getting him a gift, so of course, they all signed the card. I mean my God, you know when it is, would it kill you to pick up something? ANYTHING?! Jeebus, we've been doing this for almost twenty years now, and not ONCE have they ever picked up a birthday gift for EITHER parent. Yeesh, what these three would do without me is completely beyond me.

Anyways, that's my weekend. If I can find any pics from the party, I'll steal them and put them up here. Lates, bitches!

(P.S., Matt the Great has another interview up from Roman Heart, which you can read Here. Actually, he sent the questions last night, and Roman answered the day after. Quick huh? Thanks Roman!)


meaux said...

Well, you left out THAT little detail earlier, you scamp. Nice to hear you had a little bit o' fun on the long weekend!

Hmm...so, is it confusing making out with someone with the same first name as you?

TK said...

I love the phrase "kinda made out". As if you stumbled and oopsie! - we made out!

I would think having the same name would make things easier.

Jeremy Feist said...

meaux: Well, I couldn't give it ALL away, could I?

TK: Believe me, that's kinda how it felt. One minute, he's waiting for me at the top of the stairs to make sure I'm alright, next thing you know, we're playing tonsil hockey behind the curtains. These things just kind of happen sometimes.

And since both of you asked, I would have reflected upon the subconscious rammifications of making out with someone of the same name, but (A) I was piss drunk, and (B) seriously? I was making out with Jeremy fucking Hall here, like I'm about to look a gift horse in the mouth.