Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wherein A Shark Shouts EXTREME!!!

Well, y'all remember that doll I sewed a couple weeks ago for Turk Mason/Melrose? Well, it won me the fan art contest! Go me! So of course, this means free naked people for a month. There are no words to express how awesome this is, although this picture comes pretty close.

Thanks Turk!

Alright, so in other news, I finished all my Christmas Shopping. Which means I've finally figured out what the fuck to get Pierre. I'm so proud of myself for not being such a fucking idiot. I also got something for his pets too, because they are ADORABLE!

Also, feel free to check this shit out. Apparently, Dustin is able to see into the future, and is using it to see the future box office performances of next year's movies. Ummm, Dustin sweetie? Can you look into the future and get me some lotto numbers for the 6/49? Daddy needs a new pair of shoes. And jeans. And a nice, sensibly priced, rent-controlled apartment. With Tivo!

I know, this is kind of a lazy post, but after wading through 20 douchebags, I'm winded. So now it's your turn! Feel free to leave your nominees for the Dishonourable Mentions list. Just pick your top 5 Douchebags and drop them off in the comments. The list will be posted on Sunday, so you've got a little under a week to get them in. Have fun!


Robert said...

1: Nicole Kidman
2: Nicole Kidman
3: Nicole Kidman
4: Nicole Kidman
5: the idiots who named their little kid Adolf Hitler and are wondering why he is getting grief! what the fuck!

Matt the Great! said...

Congratulations on winning Turk's contest. Turk is a great guy. I wish him all the luck in the world.

Jeremy Feist said...

Robert: Oh God, completely agreed. Suck it, Kidman! Enjoy having a barren va-jay-jay! They also named their daughter Aryan Race, which leads me to believe that there should be some law against parents giving their kids dumb fucking names.

Matt: Indeed, Turk is made of win and sexy.