Monday, December 1, 2008

It Is The Night With The Christmas Trees And Pie

Okay, so the good folks at Pajiba have released a Gift Guide, which is obviously awesome. Anyways, since it's December, it's time for me to go completely apeshit insane over Christmas, and you know what that means...Wishlists!


I know, they're everywhere. But I don't care, I want one sooooo badly! Honestly, during my breaks, sometimes I'll go down to the Apple Store and just poke the iPhones for half an hour. Hours of entertainment.

Diamonds! Glorious Diamonds!
I know there's a good chance this is physically impossible, but I want a diamond the size of my fist. And I want my name carved in it with a laser. Just for shits and giggles, really.

Soy Joy

You know, it's weird, I never tried Soy Joy, but I have this strange, sudden urge for it. I never tried the stuff, and the idea of Soy candy makes me gag, but I still have this strange, unexplainable desire to eat small wheelbarrow of that shit, and I have no idea why...

Pushing Daisies Back On The Air

Oh, please please please! The world needs more of the Piemaker and Chuck and Emmerson and Olive and Digby! Oh please oh please oh please!

Tickets To The Premiere of Coraline

Oh my GOD you have no friggin' idea how badly I need to see this movie. The Trailer is beautiful. What can I say, I'm a sucker for stop motion animation.

Whiskey Baby Ninja Star T-Shirt (Small)

I have no idea what the fuck a Whiskey Baby Ninja Star is, but who cares? This shirt is five kinds of kickass, and I want it.

So there's my wishlist. So, as a monday mini-div, what are you guys asking for?


Robert said...

Because I have been a good boy all year, I want to wake up on Christmas morning, go to my stocking and find a life size blow-up Jeremy Feist doll!
x Robert
PS I also want the doll to play cool music when you push a button on its back. lol
PSS And it want anatomically correct!

Robert said...

PSSS should be - And I want it to be anatomically correct!

meaux said...

Holy fuzzy baby bunnies, you have an immunity to hangovers??? I want THAT for Christmas!

Failing that, I'd really like Santa to bring me the contents of my wishlist. There's enough reading material (thank you, Cannonball Readers), videos (Tenacious D! Robin Hood: Men In Tights!), and music (yes sir, I do have Feist on my wish list) on there to last me through to next Christmas.

However, Allan prefers to surprise me, so I suspect I'll end up slowly buying it all for myself....

Jeremy Feist said...

Robert: Blow up dolls? *shudder* Sorry, blame it on my completely rational and in no way crazycakes fear of mannequines.

meaux: A chapters list? I LOVE chapters! Ooooh, that place gives me the warm fuzzies. So many books...sigh...