Sunday, November 30, 2008

This Is What I Do. I Drop Truth Bombs.

Alrighty, sorry about the totally sporadic updating as of late. But thankfully, we now have internet at the new house finally works! I mean sure, the fucker had to come on like the last day I was at Mom's house, but hey, never look a gift horse in the mouth. And thank you all for the comments. I read them all, and I always appreciate your thoughts.

Since it's almost December, we put the Chritmas Tree up yesterday. And by "We", I mean "me". Oh, who the fuck am I kidding, I loved it. I love Christmas, and if that means spending three hours decorating a fake tree, so be it. Next up: anatomically correct gingerbread cookies! Any excuse to pipe icing schlongs on to baked goods, really.

And in the spirit of Christmas, I went to see Four Christmases. Yes, I'm fully aware what Dustin said about it, but I love Christmas movies. And Dustin was right, it did suck. I mean, they're all competent actors, but the script was just so fucking boring and trite, it pained me.

It wasn't so much funny as it was kinda terrifying. Not so much "killer with a bloody knife" scary, more of a "This is what your life will look like" kind of scary. I'm really not looking forward to the day where I will have to bring a boyfriend back home, really.

Finally, I find this pretty fucking amazing. Imagine taking all those annoying mainstream songs you hear about fifty-bajillion times mashed together, and you get Dj Earworm. Seriously, even if you hate all of these songs, this will get your musical rocks off.


Robert said...

Yay welcome back to the cyber world man!
x Robert
PS hay I am gay enough to like Christmas too - I mean glitter and tinsel it's in my genes! lol

Rusty said...

There are a lot of reasons that I love my parents, but the fact that they've been together for 25 years and aren't showing any signs of quitting that I can see is one of them. God willing, I will only have two families to split my time between on major holidays.

You know, once I have a significant other.
/pathetic loser

Jeremy Feist said...

Robert: Thanks, honey! What can I say, I love Christmas.

Rusty: Care to join me in the pathetic, lonely, desperate losers side of the room? We have boxed wine! (*quiet sobbing*)