Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good Christian Love

First off, I'd like to thank Julie, Meaux, David, Sarah, and Rusty for leaving some love yesterday. Thanks to a steady diet of booze and the second season of 30 Rock on DVD, I'm either feeling slightly better, or just wonderfully numb right now. Just think: How many gay marriages were there in California? What's going to happen to all of them? Thanks to 52% of people in California trying to "save" marriage, we may very well have created a legal black whole, a state of chaos. Isn't it nice how they were all yammering about how we were destroying marriage, and they turn around and destroy more marriages than we ever have (that would be zero)?

Awesome. Really. Fucking awesome.

I would like to take this opportunity to wipe my hands of mainstream Christianity. How am I supposed to believe in a God who hates his creation? I'm officially converting to The Holy Church of the Sacred Godtopus.

How about a religion with some real love, huh?

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meaux said...

Booze and big blue octopi. Is there anything they can't fix?!