Thursday, November 20, 2008

Withdrawal In 3, 2, 1...

Alright, so, it's totally official: We are moving out of our old house and heading up the street for a fresh new hell in two days. Awesome. For those who need to catch up, this means sharing a room with Jonathan, living with my mom's boyfriend, as well as his mom, and living right next door to my first crush (which, coincidently, did not end well at all, really). And the cherry on top? NO INTERNET FOR A WEEK.

This is beyond bad for me. I mean my Godtopus, I am borderline addicted to the internet. Well, maybe not borderline, but whatever. Do you have any idea what I'm like without it? Here's a basic example.

Yup. I go just a weeeeeeee bit crazy. So for the next week, I'll be updating entirely from my College Library. Swell.

That's all for now!


Robert said...

OMG - Life without Notes on Bar Napkins for a week - that's it I'm off to ... um - well do something!
I'm not happy man!!!! lol!
x Robert

Jeremy Feist said...

Not to worry Rob. There's gonna be updates, but the thing is that since I'm without an internet connection for the next week or so, Monday-Saturday's posts are just going to be a lil all over the place. When you have a blogging addiction of my level, you don't let shit like this stop ya. Though I really should get to work on something for ZF already. Seriously, any longer and Sarah might just rip off my balls.