Thursday, November 13, 2008

An Open Letter To Elizabeth Hasselbeck

YOU CRAZY FUCKING BITCH, ARE YOU HIGH? I'm sorry, so just because the majority agrees with something, that makes it alright? What, just because you managed to get voted off of Survivor, you think you are capable of forming a well-thought and articulate opinion? Bitch, please. My Godtopus, even Sherri Shepherd is smarter than you, and she said she wasn't sure if the earth is flat (though in all fairness, she's gotten better)! Fuck you, you ignorant bitch.

Choke on a bag of shit,

Jeremy Feist

(Yes, I know, two open letters in a row. I just got back from work and my tattoo hurts. Sue me.)


Marra Alane said...
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Marra Alane said...

Uh, you need to back the fuck off of Elizabeth Hasselbeck. If she chokes on a bag of shit, she will be rendered incapable of being on the View, and that is an unacceptable scenario. That cunt makes my morning every weekday.

I grant you, she is a crazy, rabid retard, and sure, she has never once been able to string together a coherent sentence regarding any conservative platform in a way that wasn't racist, sexist, homophobic, or flat out illogical, but every time she lets her mouth hang open and shakes her head slightly from side to side in a apoplectic manner at something Joy Behar says, an angel gets its wings.

Robert said...

Right on Jeremy!
She is breathing oxygen a much more deserving person could use.

PS Loved the drinking 10 commandments - i'm still rolling on the floor from laughter - not a a bottle of Chivas!

Jeremy Feist said...

Marra: Indeed, Liz is entertaining to watch, in the sense that she has absoultely no sense of modesty, dignity, or common sense, but that video just irked me. One of my biggest complaints with Dumbbitch McGee is that there are plenty of rational minded conservative women out there, and they choose the Survivor bitch. This is like choosing Danny Dias of Road Rules to talk about Keynesian v. Classical Economics, or not being a total bowl of mashed assholes.

Robert: Thank you sweetie! There are orphans that should be breathing her air. Orphans with DISEASES! And what's Chivas?

Julie said...

But Jeremy she lived on an island! Without food! And BATHROOMS! And she's married to a shitty third string NFL quarterback! Obviously she's qualified to spout her opinions on the lifestyles of others on a talk show that has the potential to influence a large number of the population.

She makes me want to punch a cat, molest a sleeping grizzly, and wrap legs around my best friend as to remind him that not everyone on this planet thinks his character is suspect because he's attracted to men.


meaux said...

I do enjoy The View when I have the chance (Joy Behar is my hero), but I HATE HATE HATE Elizabeth! Can't stand Stupid McDum-dum either...but at least she's blissfully ignorant, rather than obnoxiously so.

Oh, and Lizzie-bit, honey, I lived on an island without bathrooms, and with sporadic access to fresh food, for like WAY LONGER THAN A MONTH, and I manage to be far less of a clueless bitch than you, ya stupid ho-bag.

But that may just be the wine here.

Jeremy Feist said...

Julie and Meaux: Yeah, nothing qualifies a person more to talk about society than living on an island far away from it. I may try to create some sort of list of annoying realitards just to spite the dumb bitch. I love top ten lists. It satisfies my OCD.