Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Want A Man To Stick It Out, And Make A Home From A Rented House

Well, it's official: We've moved into our new house. Yay for us! It really is a beautiful house...I think. I can't really see it under the small mountain of boxes we've buried it under. Oh well, I'm sure once we have everything sorted out, I'll be able to appreciate all the various shades of beige my mother has decided to paint it.

And what better way to commemorate then by having an impromptu tectonic dance off?* For those of you not entirely sure, tectonic is a form of dancing that looks like the illegitimate crack-baby of the macarena and vogue. I can honestly say I've never seen a douchier form of dance. Literal douche kits aren't as douchey as the tectonic. The worst part about all of this? Both my brother and my cousin are apparently very good at it. Behold, the douchosity.

See what I mean? Well, both my brother and my cousin decided to have some sort of douche-off amid the cardboard orgy that is our future living room. For those wondering who won, there are no winners in a tectonic dance off, only embarassed relatives.

*The answer to this is FUCKING ANYTHING ELSE. Just in case you were wondering


Matt the Great! said...

Hey buddy, glad to hear the move is going smoothly (or as smoothly as reasonably possible). Sorry to hear about your brother and his poor choice in dancing. One good cure for that is an "accidentally" relocated knee cap... just something to think about (a crow-bar works nicely).

Talk to you later!


Robert said...

Glad you still have your fantastic sense of humour amid your cardboard jungle.
I have a theory - perhaps the only form of dancing you can physically do when sagging is tectonic!
Food for thought along with Prince William's method of holding his dick when pissing!