Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Boozehound Audiophile

I think I did a drinking list last week, but I don't care. I just got back from work and I'm far too lazy to come up with anything "creative" or "not totally fucking stupid". That's just how I roll. Also, I like making mixtapes. For any occasion really. I made one a while back for Zombie Forecast, and I have to admit I liked it. So here's a mixtape for when you need to get your drink on (and subsequently, your hangover).

A-Side: Relapse

Sam Roberts: Brother Down
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Phenomena
Kate Nash: Shit Song
Classified: Cazual Drinking
TV On The Radio: Wolf Like Me
Erykah Badu: Honey
Sleater-Kinney: Entertain
M.I.A.: Bingo
Santogold: L.E.S. Artistes
Liz Phair: Flower
Peaches: Hit It Hard
Modest Mouse: Float On
LCD Soundsystem: Tribulations
The Go! Team: Huddle Formation
Be Your Own Pet: Bog
Against Me!: Thrash Unreal
The Killers: Read My Mind
Metric: Raw Sugar
Sam Sparro: 21st Century Life
Queens Of The Stone Age: Sick, Sick, Sick
Amanda Palmer: Oasis

B-Side: Rehab

Wilco: Jesus, Etc.
Jay Brannan: Half-Boyfriend
Feist: Gatekeeper
Cat Power: Lived In Bars
Stars: The Big Fight
Ingrid Michaelson: The Way I Am
Corinne Bailey Rae: Trouble Sleeping
Regina Spektor: Better
Sia: Biscuit
Esthero: Everday Is A Holiday (With You)
She & Him: I Thought I Saw Your Face Today
City And Colour: The Death Of Me
Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins: The Big Guns
St. Vincent: Marry Me
Joanna Newsom: Sprout and The Bean
Broken Social Scene: Swimmers
Amy Millan: Baby I
Fiona Apple: Extraordinary Machine
Radiohead: House Of Cards
The Arcade Fire: Neighbourhood #2 (Laika)
Elliot Smith: Son Of Sam

There you go. Play Side-A for when it goes, and Side-B for when it comes out. Lather, Rinse Repeat.


meaux said...

Ohhh...the last time I listened to House of Cards while hung over, it was accompanied by feelings of guilt and the swearing off of Crown Royal whisky. Not meaux-meaux's finest hour. Nice tracklist, though--keep 'em coming!

Robert said...

You know Jeremy there is always room at my apartment (rather than the car) but there is a hitch - I live on the other side of the fucking world!! :(

Jeremy Feist said...

Meaux: "Oh Jack Daniels, you said you loved me...WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY? (Smash) Oh my God...You're bleeding! I'LL SAVE YOU JACK! (Licks Wall)" Sorry, any excuse to throw in a Drawn Together quote, really. You know what, you can just leave that one off the track list.

Robert: That's very sweet of you, Rob. Should I ever find myself thrown out of the house again with a boatload of cash, I'll be sure to head your way. Thanks for the thoughts!