Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You Have 7 Days. Fail, And Face Erasure.

Yup, I got me my second tattoo yesterday, and oh, how I love it so! It took a good 45 minutes, and it went numb after a while, but hey, totally worth it. Mind you, it's not as impressive as Erik's or boo's, but it's mine and I love it.

Also, mini-contest! Free BJ to whoever can figure out where I got the tattoo from. (Hint: Look at the post's title)


Rusty said...

Oooo! I was going to ask what your tattoo was of after you mentioned it on my blog but you've helpfully provided me with a photo. I'm not sure exactly what it is (and wouldn't want to deprive a more deserving individual of the prize), but it looks vaguely skull like and very cool.

Jeremy Feist said...

That is indeed a skull there, Rusty honey. You can still guess, but you will recieve a hug instead of the "le beej".

Matt the Great! said...

Love it, absolutely love it!