Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's A Very Nice Reminder

Make me good God...

...But not just yet. For those of you wondering, this is a recreation of one of Clyde's tattoos. It's a very nice reminder. Which means that I reserve the right to punch anyone who dislikes it in the face until they die, or until they poop themselves. Whichever comes first really.


Anonymous said...


Diesel Washington said...

Ur nuts man,

I thought I had a huge tatt on Me... Dude I love the fact that u are goofy as shit!!! Great interview on Gaypornblog BTW. I need to run into you one day. Ur like geeky/sexy/cute/freak, I also like ur take on things. When I write the same type of post, people think Im mean or bossy. I guess the cute little white boys get away with everything!!

Keep up the interesting Blog

Jeremy Feist said...

FEF: Thank you!

Diesel: You should know by now: I am nucking futs. But thanks! I'm glad you like my shit. We should totally go out for coffee sometime. And by coffee, I mean buttsex.