Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shameless Geeking

I've kinda totally been in love with Bayonetta for the past little while. If you haven't seen or heard of it, it's a game where you play as an Umbra Witch, which is sort of like this tribe of kick-ass strippers who worship the darkness. Not only is it the absolute prettiest game ever willed into existence, but you pretty much kill things with either (A) Your high-heeled shoes, or (B) your hair. Occasionally, they meld together, and you get to kill things with your hair that turns into a giant high-heeled shoe, which is the sort of campy finisher that you could only dream about.

Also, occasionally her hair will turn into a gigantic demon that will tear apart angels and drag them into Hell. BAD. ASS.

As if you need anymore convincing, here's what I can only describe as the single gayest video game opening ever. Even gayer than that one Zelda game for CD-i that no one ever played. You know the one.

Alright, shameless geeking over. Feel free to return to your regular, non-dorky lives.

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