Saturday, January 23, 2010

The 3-Year Hernia

Here's a fun fact: I haven't had an actual doctor check up or anything like that since I was 13. Mind you, once I moved out I actually started to get regularly checked up, but since I never actually saw a freaking doctor during my teenage years (for which I'm sure there's a good reason...Probably,) I never got the massive freaking hernia on my crotch treated. As in, the massive freaking hernia on my crotch I've had for at least 3 GODDAMN YEARS.


This is in no way helped by the fact that I have a fear of doctors exacerbated by both (A) a complete lack of seeing them for over half a decade, (B) The fact that this was one of the last thing's Clyde and I did, and (C) I fear of blood. But whatever, I'm biting the bullet and getting myself fixed up so that my bathing suit area will, for once, resemble that of a normal human being.



Robert said...

good luck
x Robert

Mareczku said...

Take good care of yourself, Jeremy. Sending you a big hug from PA. Mark