Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bend Over For Destiny

I've come to a very important realization today: What I want and what the Universe wants will forever be entirely different things. I want a job as a stripper, the universe makes sure my place closes down three months after I get there. I want work with big name studios, the universe is to make sure I don't have a shot in hell. I want a fucking boyfriend, and the universe goes out of it's way to ensure that every meth-addled queen this side of Oz can land themselves a man but me.

Well fuck it, I tried. I am now surrendering to fate and all that shit. Obviously, no matter how hard I try, I will ultimately fail in everything I do. So the hell with it, if the Man Upstairs is gonna yank my chain, I might as well go along for the ride. If that means actually getting some work with big name studios, then hell fuckin' yeah to that. Point is, I'm not gonna fight it anymore, because apparently, no matter how hard I try, I still manage to fuck up. I'm like The Little Engine That Could, only replace "Could" with "Tried and Couldn't and Then Crashed and Burned in a Horrible, Fiery Explosion That Killed Everyone He Ever Loved".
Best title for a children's book EVER.

Well, it's been three months since I tried applying to pretty much every studio out there, and so far I've had a whopping zero responses on all fronts. I'll try again when I get back from Toronto, and if that doesn't work, well...Oh, who am I kidding, I'll probably just try again after that too. That's getting fucked over by the Universe for ya: It's crap, but for some reason you keep coming back for more. Whoopee.


Drew said...
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Drew said...

Applying for jobs for whatever it is is so frustrating, we have the same downer/realistic looks at things, still I hope you get another stripper job and some more work into porn.

Matt the Great! said...

The best thing to do is keep trying. Not everyone succeeds the first time or even the 50th time. Thomas Edison once said that he never failed. He just found 10,000 ways that didn't work.

DeWayne In San Diego said...

Hey Jeremy I know its tough but a lot of the Gay pornsites cut back on filming and paying to import Canadians (or Brits,Euro boys) in the last year. This is not 2005-6 when Ralph and Pierre were flown to San Francisco. Or Mason Wyler flown to the UK!

Of course porn production is supposed to pick up this fall.

I do plug u every chance I get and will continue to do so!

Have my word on that!

Robert said...

I reckon you should try a new direction Jeremy - turn everything into a positive not a negative - I don't think apathy works either so just going along for the ride might end up being a bit lame.
Whatever happens - good fortune in Toronto.
x Robert
PS You haven't tried Oz yet and I have always said you'd be a hit downunder.

Jeremy Feist said...

Drew: Ugh, Lord, so do I. I just fucking love my job is all.

Matt: Thanks, but I'd kinda like not to fail 10,000 times. I can do without that part, really.

DeWayne: Thanks Dewayne! I really do appreciate the support. Now, you're saying that I need to blame Ralph, Pierre and Mason? Gotcha.

Rob: Thank you Rob! I really do need to give Oz a try eventually!

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