Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Crying Sound

Good evening, people wandering aimlessly through the blagonets!

Not exactly a whole lot to go on about today. I got back tests and whatnot from all my courses so far, and as of today, I'm doing surprisingly well. Considering that I thought "Not totally failing" would count as "Doing Well", I think I exceeded expectations here. The marks thus far

Cal II Test: 78.3%

Research Methods Assignment: 87.5%

Western Civ Test: 84%

English Test: 83.33%

Marketing Test: 77.1%

So as you can see, not bad.

Also, I just finished watching the episode of Buffy called "Body". For those of you who need a reminder...


Buffy's Mom Dies

All I can say is, holy crap did that ever kill me. I'm kind of a hot mess right now, tears and all. Stupid Buffy, making me cry and such. Crap.

Anyways, that's all for tonight. To play you out, here's The Yeah Yeah Yeahs new video for Zero. Cheers!


Rusty said...

Yeah, I still have yet to even glance appraisingly in the direction of Buffy. I'm going to have my Pajiban card revoked any day. Or I would, if I weren't a semi-hot 22 year old chick. We can get away with anything.

Good job on your tests!

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Jer Bear (hee!), that ep gets me bawling like a child every single time. I must have watched it... I don't know, 8 or 9 or 12 times by now, and still I get the tissues handy before it starts. The pseudo-Mr. always teases me about it.

Anyway, good work on that school stuff! Awesome! Are you going to hang any on the fridge? Sometimes when I get a good score I hang it on the fridge. It's good motivation.

Alec Sarkas said...

***** <-- Here are 5 stars for your assignment and tests, licked and stuck onto your blog by yours truly.

Anonymous said...


"The Body." Oh holy hell. I cried and cried and still cry every time I watch that.

Speaking of, guess I'll go watch it again. I'm feeling like a good cry would be just the thing to indulge in right now. With "Hush" for an extra treat.

Jeremy Feist said...

Rusty: I think it's Pajiban law that if you have a killer rack or you're huggably cute, you can get away with anything. Score!

AVB: I honestly don't care enough about it to hang anything up anywhere. I've never been the hanging type. I was just surprised at how not badly I was doing.

Alec: Awww, you're sweet, thank you!

Anon: Sweet holy shit did I ever cry. I think there should be a support group for this. "Whedonites who cried watching The Body".