Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kill, Fuck Or Marry: End Of Movie Week Edition

Ahhhh, it was fun while it lasted. Thanks to Sarah, AVB, Rusty and Marra for working the roundtables with me, but now it's time to get back to what I do best: Inane rambling, lists, and Sunday KFMs.

1. You're given a list of three people
2. You have to choose who to kill, who to fuck and who to marry.
3. Suicide is not an option.
4. You have to do it for both the men AND the women. It's purely hypothetical, so quit being such a pussy.
5. If you need help making up your mind, you can click on the name to see a pic.

Seth Rogen, Jason Segel or Adam Sandler?

Liz Phair, Lisa Loeb or Esthero?

Zac Efron, Shia Laboeuf or Daniel Radcliffe?

Alexis Dziena, Olivia Thirlby or Emma Stone?

Ricky Sinz, Logan McCree, or Manuel DeBoxer?

Rashida Jones, Anna Farris or Thora Birch?

Jason Bateman, Aaron Eckhart or Josh Brolin?

Leave your answers in the comments!


shawn said...

Kill Bateman, fuck Eckhart, and marry Brolin for sure

shawn said...

Kill Logan McCree, skin him and send his skin back to the tribe in Samoa where it came from.
Rip the nipple rings out from DeBoxer before fuckin him. Marry Ricky Sinz and have him beat up DeBoxer just because.

Liz said...

fuck Seth, marry Jason (despite the puppet collection), kill Adam
fuck Liz, marry Lisa, kill Esthero
kill Zac, fuck Shia, marry Daniel
kill Alexis, marry Olivia, fuck Emma
kill Ricky, marry Logan, fuck Manuel
fuck Rashida, kill Anna, marry Thora
marry Jason, kill Aaron, fuck Josh

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Let's see:
1)Kill Sandler (because he's Sandler)
Fuck Segel
Marry Rogen

2)Kill Esthero (purely based on the hideous dress she's wearing in that pic)
Fuck Liz Phair (wildcat in the sack)
Marry Lisa Loeb

3)Kill Shia (I have nothing against him, it's just the default posish)
Fuck Efrom (where did that picture come from? Damn! Need a bag for his head tho)
Marry Harry pott... I mean, Daniel Radcliffe. Maybe we could get a little 3-way action going with Rupert, yeah?

4)Kill Emma Stone (she's hot, but based on her movie choices... House Bunny? Really?)
Fuck Alexis Dziena
Marry Olivia Thirlby (that was easy)

5)Kill Ricky Sinz (I don't like his face)
Fuck Manuel
Marry Logan (he's pretty)

6)Kill Rashida (only 'cause I don't know her at all)
Fuck Anna (in spite of House Bunny)
Marry Thora (god she's hot)

7)Kill Josh (I've never really liked him, except in Planet Terror)
Fuck Aaron
Marry Jason Bateman, whom I have loved since 1984, because yes, I am that old.

Marra Alane said...

In traditional K/F/M order:

1. Kill Sandler, fuck Segel, marry Seth

2. Kill Esthero, fuck liz, marry lisa

3. Kill Zac, even though he's semi attractive in a super twinky kind of way, fuck shia, marry daniel because he seems cool and is worth millions

4. Kill Olivia, fuck alexis, marry Emma, who's my secret girlcrush

5. Kill Ricky for sure, fuck Manuel, even though he has nipple rings and I'd probably giggle at that through the whole thing, and marry logan because I love that name and legit tribal tattoos are my weakness

6. Kill Thora, fuck anna, marry Rashida

7. Kill Jason, fuck Josh, Marry Aaron. he just seems like the marrying type.

meaux said...

In K/F/M order:

1. Sandler (easy) / Rogen / Segel. Or Segel / Rogen. I'd be happy either way.

2. Never heard of Esthero and her picture scares me a little. Esthero / Phair / Loeb.

3. Efron (so plastic-looking!) / Laboeuf (meh) / Radcliffe (oh god, yes! Those eyes!)

4. Dziena / Stone / Thirlby. Pretty much flip-a-coin between the first two.

5.Sinz / McCree / DeBoxer

6. Faris (The House Bunny alone is reason enough) / Birch / Jones

7. Brolin / Eckhart / Bateman

Loved Movie Week, by the way--nice work, Jeremy and company!

Robert said...

Fuck Zac Efron because I like his hair, kill Shia Laboeuf because I didn't like Transformers and marry Daniel Radcliffe because someone needs to boss him around lol!

Figgylicious said...

1. marry Seth, fuck Jason, kill Adam[I love curly hair and funny guys]
2. fuck Liz, marry Lisa, kill Esthero[don't know who the third one is...]
3. kill Alexis, marry Olivia, fuck Emma
4. kill Zac, marry Shia, fuck Daniel [that'd feel weird but..]
5. kill Ricky, fuck Logan, marry Manuel[that was a tough one. But I don't think I could marry someone with that much ink]
6. marry Rashida, fuck Anna, kill Thora [thora freaks me the fuck out]
7. DAMN this is a tought one. I can't decide. Oh fine.
Kill Jason [sorry!], marry Aaron, fuck Josh

jamiepants said...

Say hi to Seth Rogen, marry Jason Segel, kill Adam Sandler?

Kill Liz Phair, marry Lisa Loeb, and fuck the hell out of Esthero

ok, ew, but kill Zac Efron, fuck Shia Laboeuf, and marry Daniel Radcliffe...I guess.

Kill Alexis Dziena, fuck Olivia Thirlby, and marry Emma Stone

Fuck Rashida Jones, kill Anna Farris, and marry Thora Birch?

Fuck Jason Bateman, fuck Aaron Eckhart, and fuck Josh Brolin. Oh wait, that's not how the game is played? Screw you, I'm a rebel, I make my own rules in life.

Jared Michael said...

Marry: Seth Rogen
Fuck: Jason Segel
Kill: Adam Sandler

Marry: Liz Phair
Fuck: Lisa Loeb
Kill: Esthero

Slaughter Mercilessly: Zac Efron
Fuck: Shia Laboeuf
Marry: Daniel Radcliffe

Kill: Alexis Dziena
Marry: Olivia Thirlby
Fuck: Emma Stone

Fuck Fuck Fuck me hard!: Ricky Sinz
Marry in a god damn heartbeat: Logan McCree
Sorry....but he has to - Kill: Manuel DeBoxer

Marry: Rashida Jones
Fuck: Anna Farris
Kill: Thora Birch

Marry: Jason Bateman
Kill: Aaron Eckhart
Fuck: Josh Brolin