Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Tests, Less Peeing

Soooo tomorrow I have tests up the motherfreakin' wazoo. One for Marketing, one for Western Civ (at least I think it's tomorrow) and one fore English on The Sorrows of Young Werther, a book that made a bunch of German guys dress up in supergay clothes and commit suicide. I think my English teacher is trying to tell me something. Anyhoodle, as long as it doesn't require peeing in a cup, I'll be fine. For now, enjoy the musical styling of Sara Bareilles performing gravity on The Late Late SHow with Craig Ferguson, which I've been belting out karaoke style in a was-once-full-but-now-mysteriously-empty bottle of Jack Daniels. Cheers!


Robert said...

OCD eh! Seriously, my sister has that. Her former husband sent her to a self-help group and she came back from the first meeting having learnt more weird things to do. On a happier note it is now controlled by Prozac - go figure but it works!
x Robert
PS What is it with Bastian? He had a go at me a couple of months back. I reckon he is in bad need of a reality check! Poor Matt The Great!!

meaux said...

Three tests?!! Ugh, sounds brutal--good luck!

Lizzie said...

good luck with the tests. i have actual fond memories of western civ.

Jeremy Feist said...

Robert: That dude is a fuckign DOUCHE. Somebody needs to verbally bitchslap him back into the cave he crawled out of.

meaux & Lizzie: Actually, turned out to be only one test today. Score!