Saturday, June 13, 2009

Raising the White Flag

So there's a distinct possibility that in my neurotic freak-out, I may have overreacted a tad. Yeah, I know, me over-dramatizing things. I'm as shocked as you are. To be honest with you, it looks like Mama Feist and I have gotten everything we needed to say out in the open. Or at the very least, we've gotten what we needed to say out there. Granted, there's definitely still more I need to tell her about myself. Who I am, the people I've met, where I'm going with my life. But to be perfectly honest with you, there's still a lot about myself that I don't know. I have some soul searching to do.

To be honest with you, I've been thinking of grabbing my car and touring the states, as some sort of Cross-Country Pajibacon tour. Mind you, this idea works better in theory as it does in practice, as something like this would require more dough than an industrial-size bakery. Considering the fact that my funds are nowhere near up to snuff for something like this, I don't think it'll be happening. Still, it's a nice thought, and if anyone has any idea how to make it happen, feel free to drop me a line.

Anyways, self-important soul-searching aside, my home life is thankfully much better than previously determined. Sometimes a heaping plateful of freshly-baked cookies is a good way to mend a burnt-ass bridge. Granted, she's still not really diggin' my job too hard, but I think we're past the stage involving apologizing, anger or any other shit of that ilk, and being on the up is for shizz better than where we were before. We may not agree with each other right now, but the white flags are flying, and we seem to be at a ceasefire. Gotta take what you can get at this point.


Mareczku said...

Glad that things are going better on the home front, Jeremy. I think it would be nice if you got your mom flowers. You surely know that she loves you and only has your best interests at heart. I am sure that she is aware that it isn't easy being young and trying to figure out life.

Hugs to you from PA - Mark

Mareczku said...

I know that this has been traumatic for you Jeremy but lets face it, if you mom had said, "Wow, that's really cool, Jeremy." and wanted to hear the down and dirty details, wouldn't you have been somewhat crestfallen? It is your mom's job to love you but not always to approve. She is surely allowed to worry. That is what mom's do.

Hugs - Mark

meaux said...

Glad to hear the dust has settled into something not too unpleasant. There's a lot to be said for getting the truth out there--it took me years to admit to my mom that I didn't intend to go to church anymore (I neglected to mention the fact that I hadn't been going for a while, i.e. the whole time I was away at college--figured that little detail wouldn't add anything constructive to the conversation). But ever since I did, it's been good to not have to lie about it.

Mind you, even with things out in the open, don't expect the subject to be closed--my mom, eight years later, still asks if I've ever thought about going back to "the church," and it gets under my skin every single fucking time. Some moms are just impossible to have a normal, adult-to-adult relationship with, and I think that we as their kids kind of have to just roll with it. Know that they love the hell out of you, and that genuinely care for your well-being in their own (occasionally frustrating, but undeniable) way.

On another note, Jer, I've been reading this glorious rag for quite a while now and I don't know if I've ever said it, but I really enjoy your writing. No matter how you're feeling--happy, sad, borderline-emo, in a fit of rage--you're an absolute pleasure to read. You can be heartbreaking, hilarious, or a combination of the two, and it's just full of your personality. Don't ever stop writing!

DeWayne In San Diego said...

Good for you Jeremy that you were able to "talk truce"

What a week!

Hope you do have a chance to do an American tour! I am sure you know you have had some offers ;)

No matter what you DO in your life I hope you continue the writing, I agree with Meaux this blog is what mad me sit up and notice.

Words on a Blog

You seduced me with your writing, the way your brain works.

Yeah I am weird like you we all seek out our like kind I, guess.

All the best for the rest of this summer k!