Sunday, June 7, 2009

Well...This Isn't Good

It's official: members of my family know I'm working at Adonis right now. Fuck Fuck Fucking Fuckedy Fuck McFucksocks. And shit. This isn't good. This is like the most not good thing that could happen to me right now. Shitballs.

And before you ask, no, I'm not 100% sure who told them or how they found out. Right now, my theory is that my cousin who follows me on Twitter read about it and told some of them, which really doesn't do much to help matters. And if she's not the one who told them, then someone else did, and that would also be really, really bad. Not good. SOOOOO not good.

Anyways, if I'm right, and my cousin was the one who told them, that means she probably knows about my porn career, and they know my porn name, and shit shit shit shit shit shit this is bad. I really really hate that someone would tell my family behind my back about this. I really do. I hate the fact that I have to lie to my family about what I do, because there's nothing wrong with what I do, it's just the society we're raised in. I wanted to tell them when I was ready, and the fact that they heard it from someone else pisses me off to know end. I know you can't see me right now because this is the internet, except I guess you can see someone over the internet, but that's not how blogs work, except for vlogs, but sorry, going off on tangents, a little panicky right now, anyways, I know you can't see me, but right now I'm shaking pretty hard and trying not to completely break down. I'm a little scared right now about the very likely possibility that my mother won't speak to me when she finds out. I just I had more time is all. Anyways, right now, just gonna try not to freak out too bad, and maybe it won't be so bad.

Or maybe they will. That's the part I'm worried about.


Anonymous said...

Well, you seem like a nice guy, so I'll give you some dishonest advice.

Find some way to hide your blog and Twitter, if not by deleting both. And then lie. Be incredulous and lie. At least until you get some time and move out. And if you can move out do so, regardless of what your ma wants.

Robert said...

This shit is not good Jeremy. I hope that famous "liberal" attitude that Canadians are renowned for is shared by your family. Just look at how cool PF's family is with his profession.
Remember what an anti-climax "coming out" was - maybe and hopefully you will get the same reaction.
x Robert

Anonymous said...

I have no advice to give but feel your pain and just wanted to say hang in there! There is nothing wrong with what you are doing, but if you choose to hide it noone can blame you for it. tough, hang in there it will get better!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had some advice, but don't. Best I can offer is that this, too, shall pass and eve the worst episodes usually have a short shelf life. You know there's nothing wrong with what you do, just be determined that someone else not dictate the way you live your life. Be strong, you have many on your side.