Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who Wore It Better? Jeremy Feist vs. Katy Perry

It's the battle of the people who wear pizza as clothing! Who wore it better? My more revealing (yet cheaper) medium pepperoni pizza, or Katy Perry's more modest (yet pricier) cheese pizza? Vote now!


Anonymous said...

You look like you have the better pizza, but that's all I can give ya!

Jay said...

Oh, that was me. Damn Blogger.

DeWayne In San Diego said...

I have a sudden urge for..

A 16inch Double meat Mt Mckinley.

Hmm thanks Jeremy I know what I am having tonight!

I agree with Jay you have the better pizza and ya know how to wear it.

Please Pizza in the bathtub,,geesh

Sean C. said...

i would have to vote for your Jeremy -- hands down.

Dr Jared said...

hmm...i'd say you. i have not seen the Katy Perry photos..
but either way, can i have a slice :P

Alec Sarkas said...

Yea I'm going to vote for you.

Ironically, I just had pizza here tonight! I ate more than half of it but heck… if you wore the rest (4 slices), I'd get hungry all over again! ;)

Robert said...

Katy’s pizza is burnt – yours is not and I can see your tits but I can’t see hers (thank god) lol!
x Robert

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Yours certainly looks like the *meatier* pizza.... mmmm meaty!

What!? I'm not drunk at all *pssh*

P.S. Nice try at being all sneaky there, Jay. :D

Jeremy Feist said...

Jay: I feel vaguely insulted right now...Thanks a heap, jerkface! :S

DeWayne: 16 Inches? Yeesh...Oh wait, you mean pizza!

Sean C: Awwww, thank you!

Dr. Jared: Yes, you can definitely have a slice!

Alec: Well, only four slices? A little revealing, but might as well!

Robert: Burnt? I guess so, huh? Oh well, thanks!

AVB: Don't drink and blog, honey! *Hic*

Bigg said...

Of course you look better in pizza, Mr. Fishing For Compliments.

meaux said...

*pfft* Dude, like that's even a question? Rowr!

Lohantastic said...

No contest - I pick the Meat Feist!

The only way I would ever willingly look at Katy Perry in the bathtub would be if someone tossed in a hairdryer or similar small, plugged-in electrical appliance.

Blonde Savant said...

Who the hell puts salt and pepper on a pizza?
Also, pizza eaten directly from the box is always better, so you win for that. That and you don't make me want to punch small animals.