Thursday, July 16, 2009


How's this for a tasty bit of "What-the-fuckery": I went to KFC to pick up a bucket* of chicken for the minis, and saw an ad for what I can only describe as the greatest crime against food since Haggis: The Popcorn Chicken Poutine. Imagine, if you will, an unsightly, congealed lump of french fries, popcorn chicken, cheese curds and gravy. In a bowl. Vive La Québec Libre! I haven't been able to find an official , but here's a composite sketch I did on MS paint.

That joke is really only funny if you know what chicken is in french.

Anyways, as this joke has pretty much already been done before (Way funnier, I might add), here's Patton Oswalt tearing KFC a new asshole, then stuffing all 11 herbs and spices into it.

*Really? A bucket? Could they have picked a more demeaning form of storage for your food? They might as well just make you eat out of a fucking trough.


Anonymous said...


I really do enjoy your posts

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Hee! I thought you had spelled "poutine" wrong, and I was like, "But he's FROM Canadia! He should know how to spell it" and then I saw your little note underneath and giggled like a small child. It's a good joke.

Also, I thought poutine was the same as our cheese fries, but now it appears that it's actually cheese *curd* in there, not melted American cheese, which is how we have them. Hence the difference between Canadia and America: you guys eat weird food, while we eat *delicious* food.

Jeremy Feist said...

Border: Awww, why thank you!

AVB: Actually, Poutines are fucking DELICIOUS. I have no idea what you're talking about!