Monday, July 20, 2009


Hey, remember how I totally said I was going to Toronto yesterday? Well, about that...the ticket the company bought me was actually for TOMORROW, so looks like everything we were supposed to do Tuesday is getting pushed back to Thursday. No big!

Anyways, someone must have seen my interview with Neon and saw something the liked, because I got this very sweet piece of fan-art from a guy named iDLg, and I thought it was very sweet and very pretty.How cool is that? I'm at the point in my career where I'm doing interviews and getting fan art! Spiffy! Even spiffier when you consider that I've done all of four scenes so far. Never has one porn star garnered so much attention for doing so little...I'm sure you can throw in a snide remark of your own here, but quite frankly, it's too early in my career for me to be bad-mouthing others while remaining gainfully employed.

Anyways, gonna try this Toronto thing again. See y'all in Ontario! I hope!

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Robert said...

Take two - happy and safe travels!
x Robert