Friday, July 3, 2009

I Am Jack's Cripplingly Low Sense of Self-Esteem

Hey, remember when I said how my getting excited for things usually means that they'll end up not happening? Well I was completely and totally right! Dreams really don't come true!

Anyways, I'll try and give you the abridged version on his one: I was originally suppose to shoot a scene with a company who shall remain nameless (Hey, just because they're human scum, doesn't mean I have to be), but they wanted to have a talk with all of us before hand. I showed up with two other guys, an was subjected to this conversation:

Director: Wow, you're...small.

Me: Ummmm, thanks?

Director: Well, that's not the image we're going for right now.

Me: ...Oooookay then.

Director: Now, back to you two...

How's that for a slap in the face? At this point I'm pretty used to rejection and everything, but to call me up for a scene then tell me to my face that I'm not good enough? Well fuck you, that's pretty goddamn low.

You know what? What the fuck ever, man. Yeah, boo-cock-sucking-hoo. A thousand pardons for not looking like one of the tattooed junkies they ended up taking. If you don't like skinny guys, fine, but don't jerk my chain around, you stupid fuckstick.

Whatever. He's dead to me. If he were on fire, I wouldn't even piss on him to put you out. I could run him over with my car and then throw it into reverse for round two and not even fucking blink. And while I'm at it, fuck Diesel Washington. He thinks he's better than me because I'm not as jacked as he is? Piss off.

So yeah, go ahead an call me twink. See how far you make it before you wind up on the floor without a motherfucking heartbeat, asshole.


Anonymous said...

Hi there- one of my readers suggested I check out your blog and I am glad I did.

I think you should name the company or at least let it slip to a blogger like me so people know not to deal with diva pricks.

As it is- if something does not change fast at a certain company I will be making an interesting post next week.

I am so god damn sick and tired of fugly dumb ass people in this business acting as if when they take a shit in the morning theirs do not stink.

I have seen your shoots and I have to say that you are perfect for quite a few studios I can think of. In fact catch me on Twitter- have have a lead for you.

So fuck that director...the image he is going for is probably selecting the models he would most likely like to give blowjobs to off set.

You are a very good blogger and you are an adorable young man who is big enough- and who has a nice ass too readers...see...

Robert said...

Expose the fuckers and name them - I say Jeremy!
Make sure that none of your fans spend their hard earned, recession dollars on these pricks!
Oh, it is so good to vent - isn't it? Power to the media!!!
x Robert

Eric said...

Um...fight the power?

Seriously, though, Jeremy, I know it's sort of a shit storm at the moment, but hopefully things will improve. Have faith in godtopus.

Diesel Washington said...

Fuck Diesel Washington????

I don't think I ever Met ya man......but U like to run ur mouth Okay......

LOL I don't think U know Me well enough bro..... I like skinny boys