Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Long Weekend Video Roundup

Holy shit, has it ever been a long time since I threw one of these together. I blame this entirely on the fact that with summer here, I now have more time to be productive and shit, rather than sit around listening to some dude with a Hitler mustache drone on about Western Civilization. So, you know, yay me for being all productive and shit I guess. Woo?

Anyways, first video is from Sarah Haskin's "Target Women" in which she goes after hair care commercials. Personally, I kinda totally hate all hair products. Honestly, I have the same general reaction to gel and it's unholy brethren than Roger Rabbit to The Dip. Not fun.

I blame this next one entirely on Vermillion for getting me addicted to all things Phil Ken Sebben. Ha Ha! Dangly Bits.

If only because I fucking love this series, here's a new one from Auto-Tune The News, now with 50% more Joe Biden in Space!

The folks at Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin? take on Trauma Center, and the unbeatability of Atlus games in general. Seriously? There is NO WINNING THOSE THINGS.

And finally, here's the trailer for the next installment of the Halloween Remake thing. Apparently, the people who made it are total dicks and refuse to post something on youtube, so I had to get it from their goddamn site and blah blah blah...Needless to say, it looks like shit. If it was made once, there's no reason it needs to be made a second time. Leave the gore to Bruce LaBruce, hacks.Halloween II - Theatrical Trailer

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