Saturday, July 4, 2009

Five Freebies Friday: Day-Late Edition

Yeah, I know, Five Freebies Friday on a Saturday? BLASPHEMY! Well, whatever, I really am incredibly lazy like that, so this really shouldn't be that surprising to you, really. Anyways, here they are.

#5: Jeff Tweedy

He's kinda fugs, but come on...He's in fucking Wilco, man! FUCKING WILCO!

#4: Benjamin McKenzie

Because I just saw Junebug (about fucking time) and he was actually pretty good in it.

#3: Michael Lucas

Meh, say what you will, he finally (FINALLY!) gave me a reason to post about gay porn on Webster's Is My Bitch. Kudos.

#2: Tito Ortiz

Because I saw Zombie Strippers yesterday, and surprise! He was actually kinda hot for someone who regularly gets the shit beaten out of him.

#1: Ricky Sinz

Because he wrote a smart and articulate post on the Fort Worth bar raids and...Oh who am I kidding, he's just fun to look at, isn't he? Be still, my icy-cold, beating heart.


Anonymous said...

That my have been a clever move on Michael Lucas' part. That line between porn and legit TV and film doesn't get crossed very often, and if Lucas' cameo results in a favorable impact on ratings, he may have done quite a lot in helping to erase that line.

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