Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jeremy Feist Does Toronto

A couple quick announcements everyone.

First off, some of you might have caught this on my Twitter, but I'll be in Toronto from Monday night to Thursday morning for a shoot. Well, first off, FINALLY! Seriously, I haven't done a shoot in like 2 months. I was starting to get a little bit crazycakes to be honest with you. No work and no play makes Johnny a desperate, unemployed pornstar.

Second, I did an interview for the good people at Neon - The Many Hot Men of Gay Porn and I think I did pretty damn well. Here's a quick excerpt from the interview.

Neon - Why gay porn? What led you to this?

- To be honest with you, the thought of having to put on a tie and work a desk job for the rest of my life petrified me. Actually, work in general scares me. I suppose part of me is doing porn as a form of subconscious retaliation against the authority figures in my life, but really, I just like to get railed by hot guys and travel around. If I can make some pretty decent cash off of it, all the better, really!

You can catch the rest of the interview at Neon, though I must warn you...

Anyway, if there are any bloggies in Toronto who want to meet up, leave a comment and I'll see if I can arrange something. Either way, I'll be Twittering along my trip, so chances are you'll know where I am 24/7 anyway. For now, I'll be leaving by bus at 1:15 tomorrow, so if I can't find some wifi to blog, I guess I'll catch y'all later!

...Aw hell, I might as well leave you with something, so here's Seth Green plugging Robot Chicken on The Soup. Either Joel McCale is REALLY tall, or Seth Green is REALLY short. Or possibly both. And is Seth Green wearing eyeliner? Hmmmmm...


Robert said...

Safe travels and happy fucking!
x Robert
btw will follow your adventure on Twitter

Deistbrawler said...

I liked the interview. You lead an interesting life. Also good to hear that the family is taking it well. Good luck and enjoy the shoot.

Matt the Great! said...

Looks like he's wearing full-on makeup to me.