Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bite My Shiny Metal News On Bar Napkins.

The Emmy Nods are up, and you know what that means: Betting! Put me down for $500 on Tina Fey! (Pajiba)

Hayden Hayden's new music video is up. I would make a joke about how crappy it is, but come on: She saved Dolphins! Consider this a warning... (WIMB)

Elton John has his own Ben & Jerry's flavour. It tastes like glitter, semen, and fabulousness. (Serious Eats)

Because Reality TV really is the bottom of the barrel, here are some moments so far below, you pretty much have to smash through the bottom and dig up the shit underneath. (Mollygood)

China has banned Bjork, claiming that she is a threat to national security. Oh come on, I liked Volta! It was a good album! (America Blog)

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