Friday, July 18, 2008

The Blog Roundup

Another new feature! This is where I go across the blogosphere, check up on the writers, and report back on who's going insane! Is it Dustin Rowles or Erik Rhodes? Read on!

Agent Bedhead is still fairly lucid, even if she is posting about the spice girls.

A Big Congratulations to Ms. Beckyloo who's script is being developed! Way to go, Becks!

Boo's brother finally dumped the dumb tramp he was seeing! Yay!

Sarina isn't dead. It would take a wooden stake and a silver bullet to take that bitch down.

It's TK's last day over at Pajiba, so be sure to go over and thank him for running Pajiba Love while Stacy's been gone.

And speaking of Stacy's absence, the crazy blogger is...(drumroll)...Dustin! Head over to Webster's Is My Bitch for some more crazy! And if you're wondering about Erik? He's gradually getting better. Even though he looks like a roided up Jenny Lewis in drag. *Huggles!*

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