Sunday, July 6, 2008

More News On Bar Napkins

Just when you thought The Dark Knight couldn't get anymore nerdgasmic, they now have REAL WORKING MURDERCYCLES. As in YOU CAN FUCKING RIDE THIS THING IN REAL LIFE. (Gizmodo)

David Beckham once thought Posh was cheating on him. Because apparently, fucking the most physically flawless man in the world gets boring after a while. (ICYDK)

While I'm usually of the belief that no one deserves death, racist, homophobic and pro-AIDS Sena-tard Jesse Helms is dead. HA! Oh, and here's a video of people putting a condom on his house. (Towleroad)

Oh, c'mon, your sunburn isn't that OH SWEET SHITFUCKING CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? (College Humor)

And finally, openly gay musician Jay Brannan has an album (wait for it...) OUT on itunes! Oh, the wit! But seriously, here's a video, you should probably check the rest out. (bravehound)

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