Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Feist Counts To Four! Jimmy's Out The Door! Max Knocked To The Floor! It's News On Bar Napkins!

There are no words to describe this: Feist on Sesame Street is irrefutable proof that God exists. And God is good. Very good. (Towleroad)

Today's Celebrity Deathmatch brought to you by Micheal Ian Black and Tucker Max. Go, Michael!

Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel have called it quits after five years. I'm guessing she finally got around to watching The Man Show. (WIMB)

Pierce Brosnan sings like a walrus. I tried to reach him for a comment, but he was off looking for MAH BUKKIT! That is my last lolcat joke ever, okay? I'm not doing that shit ever again, YOU HEAR ME FUCKERS?! (BWE)

Dr. Horrible is out today! Good luck trying to actually watch the damn thing, though. The site's backed up like Bill Clinton's aorta. (Dr. Horrible)

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