Monday, July 21, 2008

Drop Your Socks And Grab Your Mini News On Bar Napkins

Okay, last Dark Knight post until the Oscar nods come up, 'kay? Good. The movie took in $155 Million at the box office, and broke a whole shit load of records. Here's to you, Heath. (PITNB)

T.R. knight gets outgayed by...wait for it...Robin Williams? Really? Ouch. At least T.R. is hotter and his date is cute. (WIMB)

Johnny Rotten attacks Bloc Party's Kele Okereke in a racial fight. For the record, I would call Johhny a washed up has-been, but that would imply he's actually done anything of value in his miserable life. Fuck you Johnny. (Queerty)

Little Kuriboh has made another epsiode of The Abridged Series, and you know what that means! MORE GAY CLOWNS! (YGO: TAS)

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