Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sexy Wii! Stolen Weaves! Cute Puppies! It's News On Bar Napkins!

Hey, I'm all for the secon amendment and all (as long as you're responsible), but who in their right fucking mind thought it would be a good idea to give these two fucktards guns? (WIMB)

Marilyn Manson's wig was stolen by a fan. In completely unrelated news, Erik Rhodes was last seen whistling innocently, holding his hands behind his back. (Yeeeah!)

Because I just love T.R. Knight, here's some pictures him and his boyfriend with their dogs. Awww! (Socialite's Life)

And in more Puppy news, The Flaming Lips are giving away FREE PUPPIES. It doesn't get any better than this... (Pitchfork)

Oh wait, it can! Here's a playgirl model doing the Wii Fit hula-hoop game in a thong. (Towleroad)

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