Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When There Is Nothing Left To Burn, You Must Set News On Bar Napkins On Fire

In destroyed crush news, Christian Bale was arrested after a domestic dispute with his mother and sister. Really? REALLY? (WIMB)

And in other incredibly depressing news, pour a forty out for Golden Girl Estelle Getty. Here's to you, Sofia. (BWE)

Praised be Godtopus! Pajiba releases it's list of the top ten most bangable celebrities, with some bonus Tina Fey shots. (Pajiba!)

And because I just love lists, here's Pitchfork's list of the most overlooked albums of '08 (so far).

Christiano Ronaldo now comes in three delicious flavours, including "Spicy", "Extra Spicy" and "Sweet Holy Jesus, How Are You Not Dead From Melanoma". (Just Jared)

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