Friday, July 4, 2008

News On Bar Napkins (Or, my first attempt at HTML tags. Epic Fail imminent)

Alright, new feature time! In order to actually get some traffic for this piece of shit I call a blog, I'm opening the gossip floodgates. Sue me. This also means I'm going to have to learn HTML tags I would have learned during those programming classes had I been paying attention instead of reading Erik Rhodes' blog.

Stupid Sexy Erik...grumble...

Remember back when news broke about Heath Ledger's death and Jack Nicholson took the opportunity to be a dill-hole? Heath to Jack: "SUCK IT!" (mYoUvies)

Yay! It worked! Now for more!

Neil Patrick Harris + Nathan Fillion + Musical = Fanfuckingtastic! (Dr. Horrible)

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton + Torture Porn + Musical = Bad Karma (WIMB)

Lily Allen threatens to stop making music if her album flops. Why couldn't this story be about Toby Keith? (Now Mag)

And in serious news, It's a girl for Thomas Beatie, AKA Pregnant Trans Man! (ABC News)

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