Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm So Lazy, That If I Was Walking Down The Street, People Would Point At Me And Say "Oh My God, What A Big, Lazy Ass!"

First video comes from Cracked today, which is also where I get my love of lists. Ha! Kidding! That's actually my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Watch this video while I go make sure my oven isn't on. (Bonus: Magic Squirrels!)

9 (Classy) Ways to Treat a Woman -- powered by

Ever wondered what a live-action Ms. Pacman would look like if it had a bitchin' soundtrack? Probably not, but this video is the shit. Here's the Go! Team's video for Junior Kickstart.

Sad fact of the day: Coraline is coming out in two days, and despite being better than every other movie opening this week (i.e. Pink Panther 2, Fanboys, He's Just Not That Into You...), it will still get beaten at the box office. For now, here's anoth sneak peek.

Because if yesterday's post was any indication, you folks REALLY don't like The Jonas Brothers. So courtesy of the Soup, Quarantween (IT'S MILEY!).

Finally, for those of you who aren't Pajibans, here's the wonderful and fabulous and sexy and talented and all around cool Sofia performing her hit song, Mah Boobs.


Pants said...

Man, I'd hate it if a guy did that to me. Good thing I'm no lady!

Julie said...

I can't WAIT for Coraline